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  • HTML5 :: Basic Template Walk Through

    HTML is the primary markup language used to structure and present content on the World Wide Web (WWW). Let’s go over the basic structure and components of an HTML document.

  • Watch 5: Overlooked Start Trek: The Next Generation Episodes

    Lurking around Star Trek discussion boards was one of the first things I did when my family got the internet so I thought I’d write up a Watch 5 of my favourite overlooked episodes for this month’s 5ive. I didn’t… Read More ›

  • A ​Brief Introduction to APIs

    What exactly is an API anyway? Whether you work as a web developer, manager, or in marketing and sales you’ve undoubtedly heard the acronym API thrown around during work conversations and meetings. Unfortunately, like most tech terms, a quick google search… Read More ›

  • A Tribute to PONG

    A Tribute to PONG A brief history of the game that launched the gaming industry In the early 1970s an unknown electrical engineer, Ted Dabney, built a coin-operated machine out of plywood, cheap television components and mahogany panelling (Did I… Read More ›

  • How To :: Take a Screenshot on a Mac

    How to take a screenshot on a Mac