Art Meets Geek is where I write about all things in the web and digital realm that interest me.  My interests include (but are not limited to): generative design and all forms of algorithmic and new media art, ID/UX design, tech and computer science history and notes on coding.  Expect thoughts on chaos and complexity as I muddle my way through those topics and try to understand them. Also, expect to read stuff on future technologies, or the future as it was supposed to be. Places like EPCOT make me terribly nostalgic and I’m very interested in Smart Cities.

This isn’t a personal blog and I won’t be mentioning my art practice here at all. If you’re interested in that kind of thing please visit veritygriscti.com or my instagram account where I keep photos, sketchs and other bits and pieces from my art practice.

About the Author

Photo on 6-8-13 at 4.02 PM

I received a BFA from OCAD University in 2004 with a major in Printmaking. After graduation, my interests shifted to internet and software technologies. While initially seen as a pragmatic means to display my artwork I turned my technical skills and arts background into a freelance career as a web administrator and developer for the Toronto arts community. More significantly, digital themes related to generative design, seriality, and the artist’s role in creation influenced my studio practice.

I’ve participated in numerous exhibitions including MakerFestivalThe Toronto Outdoor Art Show, and Eye Scream(s) II & III, the visual arts component of the Scream Literary Festival. I previously worked as the web administrator for the popular Canadian arts promotion site akimbo, and I built the award winning architectural research website, The Biographical Dictionary of Architects in Canada.

I live in Toronto, Canada and maintain a studio with Akin Collective. I’m finishing up a Certificate in Software Development at Ryerson University and I’m the Web Content Manager for Mysteriously Yours… .

For more information please see my LinkedIn profile or view my full exhibition history and CV here. I can be reached at verity.griscti[at]gmail.com.  Please follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Ello